"How to start a Social Media Management Agency?"

Only to find that generating money and finding new clients is a struggle!
Are you ready to hop off the struggle bus and onto the successful social media marketer team?

You've spent enough time googling 

 stuck and barely
generating money

and nope,
before you even think about it, this accelerator is not like the rest of em! 

This Accelerator is going to take you from 

a booked-out, prosperous, social media manager

After watching your daily dose of YouTube videos, while piecing together your strategy to get more clients,

 You’ve come across The agency edit™ Accelerator

I'm laying out ALLLL the details for you! I didn’t skip one aspect of creating a wildly successful social media marketing business. 

I saw a need for real mentorship that gives you a step-by-step framework for success! 

What You want

Freedom to live your life 

Multiple streams of income and  reliable systems that work 

Better and higher paying clients that are on repeat! 

The support of other other SMM managers and a reliable coach

What You Need

Expert training that helps you reach this goal after you've invested 

Clear blueprint to help you know EXACTLY what systems you can use in your business 

The step-by-step framework of attracting and retaining clients 

Someone who doesn’t give  you fluff and puff strategies. Oh, honey, when you put in the work you will get results! 

I did this because 

"I'm so glad I made the decision to join the Accelerator. It felt good to know that this program was built for me!"

trent j. - cohort 3

I always knew I had this extra talent that I had for social media management but I just didn't know what to do with it. I took the Agency Edit™ Accelerator  because I knew I wanted to grow my social media agency, I just didn't know how. When I reached out to Ericka and asked her if it was really what I needed,  she was so clear and she was honest about what the program offered and honestly, and it's one of the best decisions I ever made. I'm so glad I made the decision to join the Accelerator. It felt good to know that this program was built for me!" 

The answer to building youR best social media agency 


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Class starts February 6,  2022

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These students are crushing it, thanks to TAE! 

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What value do you put on a profitable business? 

What you are willing to invest makes it worth the benefits. That's why I have made this accessible for you.

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In case we haven't met.

I'm Ericka, the cheerleader you never knew you needed.

Look, I get it! I've been in your shoes and I know exactly how you may be feeling. You're probably unsure of how to run your agency or wish you had someone to guide you through the specific details - it's quite a stressful position to be in,  but it doesn't have to be! 

After getting my “get out jail card free card” with corporate America and managing my own six-figure social media management agency for years, I’ve been able serve multiple industries and put out incredible strategies and teach other social media managers to do the same. I absolutely love showing up for my students and I really and truly want them to succeed.