Let's launch and scale your Social Media Management Agency

I can help! HERE'S HOW:

I know you're tired of Googling, "How to be a Social Media Manager" and you're ready to change your status from Freelancer to Social Media Management Agency. Ready for the good part?

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the agency edit™

The Agency Edit™

take your business from freelance to agency

Have a fully functioning Social Media Management Agency in just 8 weeks

Direct mentorship and coaching from me!

Plug and play templates and email swipe files

Weekly happy hour group calls

The Agency Edit™ is a live comprehensive, high-touch 8-week accelerator program that will give you the tools and systems to build and scale your social media management agency. 

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digital courses


SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER online courses + resources

Organize your agency with Airtable templates

Pre-recorded videos, self-paced walkthrough videos

Downloadable resources 

Lifetime access and updates

I created THE AGENCY EDIT™ Because I want you to...

learn from all of my mistakes and create a Social Media Management agency that not only allows you to work with your dream clients but is profitable from the very beginning! 

From "How to start your own Social Media Management Agency" to "What to include in a contract," I have videos for you! Even a few ones like, "Reading cringy Social Media Management jobs."

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In case we haven't met...

I'm Ericka, the cheerleader you never knew you needed.

Look, I get it! I've been in your shoes and I know exactly how you may be feeling. You're probably unsure of how to run your Social Media Management agency or wish you had someone to guide you through the specific details - like creating client reports and developing social media strategies. It's quite a stressful position to be in, but it doesn't have to be! 

After getting my “get out jail card free card” with corporate America and managing my own six-figure social media management agency for years, I’ve been able serve multiple industries and put out incredible strategies and teach other social media managers to do the same. I absolutely love showing up for my students and I really and truly want them to succeed.